Sunday, May 4, 2014


Hi guys! 

It's 2:21am in the morning now and i have just finished watching a chick flick movie call 'Lying to be perfect'. People always ask why watch chick flick? But i guess that's because chick flick movies always ends off happy. I guess that is why i like to watch it. Happily ever after.. hmm.. .I often look back on my Instagram to constantly remind myself on how lucky i am because there will be times when I feel so insecure about myself. Life isn't perfect. I ponder about how and what my life will take me to. What will be I become 10 years from now? Will I be slogging my life away unhappy? Working my butt off from morning to night, everyday? Paying endless bills that amount to a thousand? Or would I have someone special in your life living happily? Regardless of everything, I hope I will be strong and brave enough to conquer every obstacles I faced and at the end of the day, be happy for who i am.
Cheers x

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