Saturday, August 16, 2014


I have officially hit the big 2!

Every year, my birthday serves as a reminder to myself to count my blessings, be contented and be happy with what I have. I have people who care and people who love me for who I am. I have family and friends who are willing to go the extra mile to make me happy and feel love. I have them who understands who I am on the inside and without them, I wouldn't have grown to who I am today. I have also learn how to give. To give to the special people in my life. To make them feel and receive more love and happiness.

14 August started off pretty simple. I had lunch with my group friends after the quiz. It was an official last day of school for us and we were all pretty happy and excited for the holiday. We went to this cafe located at Simpang. It was a nice place to hang out. The food was good and the company was great! Viona and Cenli came in the midst. I was quite surprise to received  flowers from her by my group friends. Mad love for Sunflowers!

Ps. Fion helped me thread my eyebrow that day in school. HAHAHA. Thank you so much muack!!!! And yes, the picture above was taken by her. She made me feel so pretty with my clean brows.  

It was a simple lunch and I'm glad everyone was feeling satisfied with the food they ate. Thank you for the lunch treat :) I really enjoyed my meal! So after lunch, the rest left home to rest after an early day in school. So Cenli and Abigail went K with me. I guess even though the K place was sucky, I still had a wonderful time with them. The company is always the most important.

Things took off by itself after K. I was being bought to the bus and then to an unknown place. It took me awhile to guess where I was heading to. I already knew who would be there but i had no idea what we would be doing. Abigail knew my usual cravings for Stingray as usual so we had dinner over at the lagoon. Yay to cravings being satisfied! Everything was a blurred after that. I rmb how busy everyone was with their phones and garner went missing for a very long time. The most vivid thing I could remember was my eyes being covered and little seok standing in front of me with a bunch of pretty balloons. I was so glad to see her! 

After dinner, I was being blindfold again. I didn't knew what to expect nor was i expecting anything. I remember holding on to Cenli and Seok tightly and walking straight aimlessly. I could remember the roughness of the sand particles when I walked on the beach and the smell of strong ocean wind. When I open my eyes, I saw one of the most magical thing right in front of me. 

We played with fireworks, drank beer and talk. Even though it was short, it was still good to see all my year 2 friends around me. It was not easy setting the whole thing up, planning and coordinating with everything. Thank you Edwin for planning and thinking the surprise out, Ben and Garner for setting the magical thing up just for me to see and Shermin for coming:) 

Lastly, I couldn't have enjoyed my whole day of cuz without Cenli and Abigail. They have been my laughter and support through my marketing journey. We have all grown and matured individually. We have learn a lot from one another. It wasn't the easiest journey in year 2. But because of the path we took, it got us real close to one another. Till today, I have never been more thankful in knowing them and having them proudly in my life. We have our ups and downs. We have misunderstood one another. We have quarreled, teared and laughed together. Even though we only know each other for 1.5 years, the journey we went through together was nevertheless not ordinary.  

Thank you for always asking me what I want to do for my birthday. Thank you for telling me how you want to make my day very happy and memorable. Thank you for coordinating the whole day with the rest. Thank you for spending the day with me being so happy. Thank you for feeding me with food that I love. Thank you for coming into my life and being there with me till the very end.

 I love you two from the bottom of my heart. 
With love, Patrine x

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