Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Year 2015.

2015 has been another year filled with blessings. No doubt it wasn't a bed of roses but I learnt to appreciate the little things I have in my life and I'm thankful. I pray year 2016 to be another year filled with love and good health for my love ones. 
2015 was a year I graduated from Diploma in Marketing at Temasek Polytechnic and it was also a year which I made an important choice to what I should take up in University. With advices and encouragement, I took a leap of faith and decided on Economics and Finance. It was a genre way out of my comfort zone and during the initial starting of my course, it got overwhelmed. I panicked and even had thoughts on changing back to Marketing. It was only when my good Friend who gave me strength to believe in myself  I was also lucky enough to have Jasmine with me in this course and we met many helpful friends along the way:) I can't be thankful enough. We worked very hard for all the assignments and with our results out, I'm proud to say Yes! We did it! 

Note to self: 'Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.' 
-Zig Ziglar
This year because I was too caught up with my life, I lost someone. A buddy who supported me all the way and who cared for me. Because my Friend was always there for me, it became a norm, I took it lightly and failed as a Friend. At the end of the day, damage was done. They say you will never know how important that someone in your life is until you lose him/her. Even though there were always burning thoughts in my head, I treasured the friendship a lot. I was afraid to carry on with my life as he was a friend who gave me strength to believe in myself. It was hard to picture my life without him but I know what's the best for him now. 

Note to self: 'As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.'
- John F. Kennedy
One of the main highlights this year was the trip to Korea with my sister. We were both lucky enough to get to experience the richness of Korea culture and unforgettable memories were made. It was a trip that swept us off our feet like a fairytale in our dreams. Only when I came back to Singapore then I realise I was being bought back to reality. Nevertheless, it was a trip worth remembering and I will not exchange these memories for anything else. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith, follow your guts and you will be surprise how life will turn out from there. Every learning journey counts. 

Note to Self: 'To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote: To travel is to live.' 
- Hans Christain Anderson
 I met someone this year who I am proud to call him my Boyfriend:) He is like my comfort pillow, someone who I can talk to. Being with him makes me happy! Looking back, never in the world would I have thought we would talk.. I guess life just has its way around! You will never know who you will meet and how it will turn out to be. No doubt there will be endless questions in your head.. but know that your concerns will only add up to your worries and not your solution. So why not have courage and take a take a bet?  You may surprise what will happen at the end *wink*

Note to Self: 'Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.' 
- W. Clement Stone
I used to question how I will be like when I'm 21. How different will I be to who I am now? Well,  being at 21, I'm still me but maybe someone more mature than before? I thought being an adult means having the courage to take a risk and make decisions. I will be strong and know how to handle myself in difficult situations. But.. I am wrong. There are a million things I am ignorant. However, that being said, as long as I choose to not give up growing, I am sure I will become a better person year by year. 

Note to Self: 'Do not be afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of only standing still. Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.'
- Unknown and Doug Firebaugh
I hope 2015 has been a fulfilling year for you too! With that, let's all enjoy the rest of 2015 and may 2016 be a year filled with happiness for everyone. 

With love;
Patrine Choo

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas 2015

'Christmas is the wonderful time of the year!'

Besides Chinese New Year, another one of my favorite festive season is Christmas. Christmas is a season of joy and giving:) While I love receiving presents, I too, love to see the smiles of my friends face when they receive my presents for them! Every year, my Christmas eve will be celebrated at my daddy's side and during Christmas day, it will be celebrated at my mom's side. The food, presents and being around the people you love is what keeps my Christmas vibes going :) Last night, I went to my friend's house to celebrate christmas! We had Hai Di Lao steamboat and gift exchange together. It is always a night filled with laughter with them around. Thank you for the night, girls. 

May this Christmas be a day filled with happiness and love x

With love;
Patrine Choo

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mission accomplished: Swimming

I never knew how to swim. Sure, my dad tried being my coach when I was younger. 
Being underwater is fascinating and yet very scary. If you loose it, water takes control. When I was young, there was once I accidentally let loose of my float and even though my dad pulled me up to the surface very quickly, the images of being underwater and struggling were vivid. A part of me was panicking and another was intrigue by the underwater view.

Back in my Secondary school days, school provided me an opportunity to learn swimming. I was distracted and didn't appreciated. At the end, I didn't learnt anything out of it. Therefore, I gave up swimming until...

One Sunday, my sister forced me to go swimming with daddy and her. Well.. I haven't been exercising since graduation and on top of being feed and seated all day long in the office, my body isn't in great shape. Uni had just started and I was feeling stress adapting to the course. This resulted me in feeling bloated and discomfort. It got real bad. But... after the swim that very Sunday, I felt so much better about myself. The motivation to lead a more relaxing and healthier lifestyle and to loose all the tummy fats got real! Next thing I know, I started liking swimming more and more. I wanted to make sure I master it! My dad has been swimming regularly and he became friends with some of the lifeguards at our area. Hence, the lifeguards were more than happy to teach me:) 

It hasn't been an easy road for me and with the haze and my typical busy work-student lifestyle going on. Only when my holiday started, when I swam more regularly. I used to feel retarded holding onto the float and swimming from one lap to another. Yknow.. you don't see an adult carrying a float around the pool! With my daddy's constant encouragement, I did it!

Last week, with my daddy's push, I managed to swim 20 laps in the middle of the pool! My first 20 laps and I am so so so proud of myself :) *patonmyback*


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

City lights

I chanced upon a cafe with very interesting food concept and pulled D along to try it. The food wasn't to my disappointment and as it situated at a very remote spot, little did I know I could enjoy the amazing view of Singapore city lights. The transition of the urban landscape from day to night was truly mesmerizing. I never knew how beautiful Singapore was until now:)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Living Jeju


'Jeju is a place filled with amazing geographic landscapes, sea views, museums and food. I miss the sunset at Hyeopjae beach, the smell of its sea breeze, the horses we rode, the resort and last but not least, Dennis. He was such a darling.'

The trip to Jeju would have been perfect if not for the rainy weather. During the second day of the trip, it rained. I am a person who enjoys mother nature and was hoping to catch some of their beautiful landscapes. Due to the rain, we could only make visits to museums:( Even though it was a 3 days trip, we stayed at two location. One by the beach and the other one at a resort:) Dennis, a friend of my sales manager, works at the resort in Jeju so we decided to stay at his place during one of the nights. 

We got to enjoy the beautiful view by Hyeopjae beach we stayed beside. The sunset view was breathe-taking. It was a mix of dusty pink, orange and blue. My sister and I spent a good 3 hours, under the cold weather, mesmerised by it. Hyeopjae beach is located at the west side of Jeju. Hence, we only travel to the west part of Jeju. During the afternoon, we went for horse-riding and also visited the glass museum. We rush back to Hyeopjae beach to catch the sunset and ate black pork nearby. Black pork is very popular in Jeju. If you are there for a holiday, remember to try some. It is very tasty!


Catching the sunset in Jeju

Took pictures with some of the locals

Famous black pork in Jeju

It was a rainy day! Luckily, we have engaged a driver for the day. His name is Hongsik Baek and he speaks fluent English. He told us it was impossible to travel to the areas we wrote on our itinerary as it will be raining. Therefore, most of the places we went were indoor museums instead. How I wish it was a sunny day throughout! There are places I wished I could have visit :( 

First Destination: Stone park

It started getting windier and windier when we were at Stone park.(First destination) At the end, before we could get to our second destination, it rained. :(
Second Destination: Teddy Bear Safari

Third Destination: Mini Land
Our driver was very nice and came well prepared. He lent us raincoats to brave thrugh the rain. The wind was very big and we were soaking wet right after we stepped out of the car. When you visit Jeju, pray hard it will not be a raining day for you! When it rains, it just makes everything down!

Fourth Destination: Hello kitty museum
Hello Kitty museum was so so so so kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! If you are a fan of Hello Kitty, it should be a must visit place to be at. They even have a Hello kitty cafe located inside. Overall, it took us about 1 to 2 hours to finish walking the whole museum:)

On our way to the Hello Kitty Museum, I saw a sign saying Camomile field and asked the driver if we could stop by after. I fell in love with the Camomile scent during a visit to the Innisfree store and was very curious how would be the whole place like. I picture the place filled with Camomile flowers but... to my disappointment. It was still raining very heavily and it made our shoes very wet. We were feeling very cold already. Luckily, we found a sheltered house nearby and decided to stop in and wait for the rain to subside.

Fifth Destination: Camomile field

It was 5pm by the time we got back to the car. The driver sent us back to the resort where we got to meet Dennis for the first time. That day, we went to five different museum and it cost a bomb. If only it wasn't raining that day. I could have visit the other scenery spots in Jeju instead. Dennis was very very very tall. If I had two words to describe him, it would be gigantic pillow. He was like a very comfortable friend though we just met. He took us to the nearby supermarket to get the food for dinner. We were famished by the time we got back! The rest of the night was spent chilling and talking with him. We got to know him better through that. 

Look at the amount of food we bought! 

It was the last day in Jeju. Waking up in a resort is like heaven. You get to enjoy the comfort of the bed and the beautiful scenery of the sea when you wake up. We couldn't wait to get our asses out to the sea. Breakfast was provided by the resort so we didn't have to worry about food. The weather was very windy so even though the sun was up, it was still very very cold. We went to Ollie trail 8, Seokjikoji,Yongduam Rock (Dragon Head Rock) and Yongmeori Coast in total. Halfway through the day, we decided to head back to the resort to wear thicken clothes because the wind was very strong that day. I guess it is the after effects of the rain the day before.

Yongmeori coast was a place I wanted to visit most!! But sadly because of the bad weather the day before, I couldn't get to view the coast area. It was disappointing because we made a wasted trip down to Yongeori to realise it was close for viewing :( In the end, we just took a stroll around the area.

🌾🌾🌾 #seoxsisters

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Yeomongri coast was located very far off town and so it was very hard to get a cab back. When you are in Jeju, you need to dial for cab. We did not buy any SIM card and therefore, had to seek for help at a cafe nearby. That was when we met a nice uncle who knew how to communicate in English. He offer to give us a ride back to the resort because his resort is also located nearby. We took the risk and accepted his kind offer:) He was actually in Jeju for a short holiday before returning back to Seattle for work.
On the way back, he stopped by at a fruit stall to get Jeju's famous hallobong. The lady boss was adorable. She thought the uncle was our dad and kept complimenting about us. HAHAHA When she realise we were from Singapore instead, she became very excited. When we got back to the resort, he gave us a few hallobong as souvenir. You don't know how thankful we were back then. What a nice person he is :)

Dennis was waiting for us when we got back to the resort. That night he bought us to the market  town. We had BBQ seafood for dinner there and it was fantaaaabulousssssssssssssssssssss!!!! After the sumptuous dinner, we stopped by a pub for some drinks. We learn how to play some Korean drinking games. It was hilarious. hahahah!

Our last dinner in Jeju with Dennis. Now, I truly appreciate seafood. #seoxsisters #freshest #seogwipotown

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Round 2 - Cheers to our new friendship!🍻 #seoxsisters #seogwipotown

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Dear Jeju, 
Thank you for having me! It has been a good visit and I will come back again for another. Next time, I will visit more mother nature spots. Please do not rain when I'm there ok? Till then :)

With love,
Patrine Choo