Sunday, May 10, 2015

Third day in Korea (Busan)

Korea has been awesome so far! Really loving the food and the weather in the day. Am so so lucky to have uncle Jin, (my uncle's Korean friend) who bought us around Busan. He even bought us out of Busan to kyeong Gu today! Yesterday, we had delicious seafood for dinner. I have always dreamt of cooking seafood soup with all my fave seafood. My dream came true!!!!!

It's day 3 in Korea and my sister and I haven't been sleeping a lot. Since the start of our trip, we slept at 4? 5? we roughly have only 3-4 hours of sleep everyday. It's the last day of Busan tonight. Tomorrow I have to wake up at 6:30am to catch my flight to Jeju.  As much as I want to sleep to be energise, a part of me still wanna venture into the nightlife of Busan. Hmmmm 

Now, Uncle Jin is driving us to Wusan (out of Busan), for some seafood again! Omg I can't wait! The day is ending and we will be leaving tomorrow. I am so gonna miss him :( 

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