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2 days in Busan


10th May 2015
Korea has been awesome so far! I'm loving the food and the weather. Am so lucky to have uncle Jin in Busan. He even bought us out of Busan to Gyeong Ju today! Yesterday, we had delicious seafood for dinner. I have always dream of drinking seafood soup (with all my fave seafood inside). My dream came true!!!!!

It's day 3 of Korea and we have been spending every night out late till 4? 5? Tonight is our last night in Busan and we will be catching our flight to Jeju tomorrow at 8am. As much as I want to sleep in tonight, a part of me still wanna venture into the nightlife of Busan. Hmmmm 

Uncle Jin is now driving us to Wusan (out of Busan), for some seafood again! Omg I can't wait! The day is ending and we will be leaving tomorrow. I am so gonna miss him :( 

23rd Nov 2015
Busan and Jeju were the two main highlights of this trip! We planned a short trip of 2 short days in Busan with Uncle Jin driving us around. He even brought us to the other parts of Korea. As we are only there for 2 days, there were limited places we could go. Our first day was spent sightseeing in Busan and second was spent in Gyeong Ju and Ulsan. There was just too much to explore with the little amount of time we had. 

Our accommodation place was booked from Airbnb. Uncle Jin didn't like the idea of Airbnb because he feel it isn't a legal place for tourists to live in. It was unsafe to him. Well.. we didn't realise the danger of it until he said it. Luckily the place we live in was safe! When you visit Busan, do stay at an area near their beaches. We stayed near Gwangalli beach which has awesome nightlife, food and dessert places all night long. The scenery of the beach is incredible at night!
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To travel to Busan, we had to purchase our ITX train tickets beforehand. As we left house later that day, we missed the train :( In the end, we had to re-purchase standing tickets to catch another train to Busan. When we reached Busan, Uncle Jin was already there waiting to pick us up:)

First stop: Gukje market

I could spend half of the day shopping and eating at Gukje Market IF I had the time. The market is very huge and there are many small lanes to explore. We only manage to walk a small part of it but I must say I enjoy it. This is a place I would go back when I revisit Busan again:)

Second stop: Gamcheon Culture Village
Gamcheon Culture Village is one of my favorite places in Busan. The paintings and designs of each houses are unique to each. Some of the houses are very adorable. There are a few cafes and street food around the area so be sure to try something when you are there. We tried the cinnamon nut buns at one corner of the street and we absolutely love it! 

Third stop: Taejongdae Lighthouse
We headed down to Taejongdae Lighthouse to enjoy the evening sunset after. The scenery was amazing up on the cliffs! We spent a good one hour sitting by the cliffs, enjoying the scenery and the cool sea breeze. Please make a visit here when you are in Busan!! You will love it!

A little kitty found resting among the cliffs of Taejongdae 

At night, Uncle Jin bought us to a local seafood restaurant he visits frequently with his friends. His friends were there too. We had an sumptuous meal with them! I can't tell you how good the seafood soup! Its like Daebak daebak daebakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! I couldn't stop eating!
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After dinner, we had our desert at a cafe nearby Gwanglli beach. I was already very full by then but the yogurt + the bread was too good to resist!! After finishing, Uncle Jin drove us back home to rest for the day but later on that night, we decided to venture out to Gwanglli beach again to admire the scenery there. 

When you go on a holiday trip, you just know you have to make full use of your time there! We even went for some drinks at a nearby pub call Thursday Party and made friends with a local guy who bought us to supper at 4am in the morning! It was sinful but... when you are in Korea, you just have to eat. The food are too good for you to miss!

View @ Gwangalli beach

Supper with a newly met friends @ 4am in the morning 
(We were suppose to meet Uncle Jin at 7am the following day)

Gwangalli beach in the morning!

It was a long ride and we ended up falling asleep in Uncle Jin's car. We didn't knew where he was taking us for the day and were only awakened when he stopped by a rest station. I got myself a Vanilla Latte and Churros to keep myself awake:)

Uncle Jin actually brought us out of Busan and to Ulsan and Gyeong Ju. We went to a few different places and some includes the Bulkuksa Temple, a famous red bean local delight store, Ulsan fresh seafood market, cold noodles store and we also Uncle Jin's favorite cafe before heading back to Busan! Having Uncle Jin around was great! He was great company and we could talk about anything under the sun! haha. 

First stop: Gyeongju- Bulkuksa Temple

Fresh seafood at Uncle's Jin favorite place in Ulsan

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Uncle's Jin favorite cafe

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Last night spent by the beach once again
This trip would not have been complete if it had not been Uncle Jin. He was like our very own uncle! Sure, we have a list of places we can visit in Busan.. but knowing him was priceless! He bought us to many local places which we wouldn't have been able to visit if we were to travel by ourselves. It was such a joy having him by our side and words can't express how grateful we felt! Thank you Uncle Jin for the being part of our wonderful memories in Busan:')
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