Friday, November 13, 2015

I'm back

If you know me, I used to love writing, posting, taking pictures and videos of my life. I was always curious about video editing, Photoshop and the list goes on. Having the love for video and photography, I like the idea of sharing to the world about it. When my sister told me about social media (blogger) and how I could pen down the things I want to share. I immediately fell in love with it. I enjoy sharing my feelings, thoughts and the things I love to do.

Sharing makes me happy. Being 13 back then, I used up my free time posting and sharing. I could literally blog everyday. Don't ask me why, I just love and was so proud of my little space here. 

But as I grew older and older.. things happen and I slowly stopped. It isn't because I didn't like sharing but I learnt to be less expressive about my feelings by keeping more thoughts to myself. I became a more private person because I didn't want my feelings to be known like an open book.

On top of that, poly made me very busy and lazy. Things changed along the way. My idea of expressing my feelings regularly on Twitter, Facebook and Blog changed. However, my love for sharing my moments did not. That's why if you know me, you see me updating on Instagram A LOT because I still love to share my own little 'creations'. Because of fear, I lost how to express myself through words. When you write, you express. When you express yourself openly, people read, talk and comment. I used to care a lot on how people think of me. So the best solution is not to talk and to comment.

'Why do I want to write again?' 

I want to stop being afraid. Writing is part of sharing and this is something you can't get away from and I would like to share and express myself more. I want this space to be something I can look back, learn, laugh and reminisce my experiences from. Also, writing helps me to sort out my thoughts and for myself to become a better person. 

I want to reignite the spark in me and to do the things I used to love instead of getting all caught up in a typical adulthood (student) lifestyle -Eat, work, study, sleep and repeat. I hope I can start making videos again about anything under the sun. It can be something interesting in the midst of exploring or it can be just as simple as my happy moments. I would love the idea of penning down my life through videoing, photographing and writing once again. I hope I can look back at this proud little space of mine 10 years down the road and remember the little happy moments created in my life:) 

Hope you will enjoy my space here too x 
Ps. A lot of you have been asking about my Korea trip a few months back. I am going to write about it. Hopefully, I will be able to help you in your planning and that you can enjoy the trip to Korea as much as I did:) 

With love; 
Patrine choo

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Pfeiffer said...

Great to hear that Pat. Do not be caught in a rut and live the life you wish to be. :)