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Everything about Seoul: Part 2


Hi all!
Hope you find my previous post about Seoul helpful:) If you have not seen the video I made for the Korea trip, do check them out below. I was very honored when Smitten wanted to feature my video on their website. Thank you Smitten :')

To begin, we went for our traditional Korean photo shoot during the last few days in Seoul. Before this trip, I went to reserve a slot for the photo shoot at Goguan Hanbok Photo-studio via e-mail. I decided to choose the outlet at Anguk as it fitted nicely with my itinerary:) The package we signed up wasn't cheap but I figure I should give it a try since it was my first time in Korea.

Goguan Hanbok Photo-studio gives you the options for your hair, make-up, accessories and outfit. There are wide variety of choices for you to choose from. On top of it, there will be someone assisting you throughout the whole process. We were also able to take our own pictures before the real photo shoot started. 

Above pictures are the ones taken by ourselves. I had a great time there but.. I didn't like how my pictures turn out. The guy photo shop my face too much in the picture :( Nevertheless, I still enjoy the process but once is enough!

Anguk station has a few streets to walk and shop around. While walking, we passed by a famous green tea cafe and decided to try their green-tea dessert there. My sister is a lover for green-tea and she loves it. We even bought back a jar of green tea to Singapore!

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Next, we headed down to Gyeongbokgung station to have our lunch at the famous ginseng chicken restaurant call Tosokchon Samgyetan. *Healthy food yay*

As the restaurant was near Gyeongbukgung Royal palace, we decided to head on there after which. You can easily navigate via Google map:) The sun was good that day and We spent the afternoon strolling and enjoying the weather. If you are planning a trip in Seoul, you should visit at least one palace!

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We spent many late nights out during the whole trip and hence, my sister was exhausted. We decided to stop our itinerary for the day and headed back for our beauty nap. We needed to hype up our energy for another later night after. In all, we went to four different clubs in Seoul. (Club NB, Club Ellui, Octagen and the last club name which I forgot because it was introduced by a sales person outside Club Ellui) 

Before the trip, a friend of mine told me never to go Korean clubs because the people there are very wild. When he was there, he told me I would be able to see girls strip in the clubs? I was skeptical but as many people mention Singapore clubs are much safer as compare to other countries, I was afraid but I still went ahead with my sister! If you wish to get information on the list of clubs I went, feel free to e-mail me. I will send you the information I have:) (Eg. The cost, address and other relevant information)

We went to Club NB during the first part of our Seoul trip. Club NB is known as a Hip Hop club. As my sister has background for Hip Hop, she was keen to see how a Hip Hop club would be like in Seoul. It was our first time out so late at night and we were feeling nervous.

When you walked down the streets of Hongdae at night, the aura is completely different from daytime. Many strangers will stop you on the streets. There was a time when we even got followed. Luckily, there are cafes around every corners so when you feel unsafe, you can stop by one. Club NB is unlike the clubs I have been to in Singapore. If you are a hip hop dancer, I'm sure you would like the music there!

One thing about the club I dislike was the cleanliness. Tissue papers were being thrown all over the floor and the toilets were in a very bad condition (It looks as though many have puked on the floor!! Omg) If you are wondering why there are tissue papers all around, I guessed this is just their culture and when the tissues are being thown up, it does give off a nice "effect". However that being said, it gets really annoying when the tissues are stuck onto your shoes. The rest of the clubs we went were much cleaner than Club NB.

This was a picture taken at Holy's cafe before getting in Club NB (Y)
First night getting into Club NB *afraid*
Korean clubs are not as scary and wild as what my friend said. No doubt the people there are more daring and persistent in striking out a conversation or asking you for a drink. However, if you are not interested, firmly decline and they will leave you alone. When we went to Club Ellui, the guys there are much more persistent as compared to the other clubs. We had to walk to their table before declining politely to drink.

I find Club Ellui (the last club we went) the best out of all the clubs I went. Why? The music was good and we manage to meet two friends there. I don't normally talked to strangers in clubs. However, Choi and Dong were very decent and approachable. They speak very good English as well and hence, we were able to communicate well. They even offer to bring us to Han river after that. Han river was a place in our itinerary but we didn't had the time to make a visit there. Choi and Dong were absolutely sweethearts. As my sister just turned 22 that night, they secretly bought a "cake" and surprise my sister at Han river. The rest of the night with them were spent chilling and chatting. We even got to enjoy the sunrise by the river. It was yet another unforgettable experience made:)

In Club Ellui

The birthday 'cake'!
Not the best picture but this was sunrise at Han river:)  
When the sun was up, we went for a short walk around the area.

Choi drove us back to Itaewon where we had our breakfast at Holy's cafe, our favourite place. This was how we made two more friends in Korea. Just like that:) 
Enjoying a ride home! Yay!
We woke up at 2 that very day and I bought my sister to a cafe called My sweet recommended by Noel. The food was fantastic. I love their pasta and pizza the best and WILL DEFINITELY MAKE A TRIP BACK THERE AGAIN.

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Bukchon Village was one of our must go list in Seoul. I like visiting different traditional houses because many of such houses have very unique architect designs. In Bukchon Village, some of the houses are hostel while others are private stores. There are also people living there permanently. Bukchon Village gives off a very nice and soothing vibe. The whole area is very peaceful and you can the serenity when taking a stroll there. Isadong is also very near Bukchon Village but as we started off our day late, we wasn't able to make a visit there. We spend the rest of the evening walking through the shophouses located around Bukchon. Bukchon Village should be a place for you to visit when you are in Seoul. The place is beautiful and I'm sure you will love it as much as I did :)  


There were many cafes located at the area but we decided to settle for a traditional Korea meal instead. We went for some drinks with the new friends we met later on that night. It was a good night spent. 

I couldn't remember what we exactly do during our last day of Seoul. We did some last minute shopping at Lotte Mart before heading back to get our bags packed. Dong was unable to met us that day so Choi introduced us to his good friend and bought us to his university as promised. (Seoul national university) 

Our last dinner was spent at a BBQ restaurant nearby the university. It was DAEBAKKKKKKK!!!! I can't wait to go back to Korea for their BBQ pork again. Oh god!!

Choi gave us a lift to the airport and bought us souvenirs! It was really hard biding farewell to our new friends and also to then memories we made during the past 11 days:(

This was how we spent the last part of our Korea trip in Seoul. Words can't express how lucky and thankful I feel to have met Choi and Dong. :')

I will be blogging about my experiences in Busan and Jeju for my next few posts. If you wish to get my messy itinerary or more information about any of the places I've been to, feel free to ask me on or via E-mail. I will be more than glad to help:)

With love;
Patrine Choo

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