Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mission accomplished: Swimming

I never knew how to swim. Sure, my dad tried being my coach when I was younger. 
Being underwater is fascinating and yet very scary. If you loose it, water takes control. When I was young, there was once I accidentally let loose of my float and even though my dad pulled me up to the surface very quickly, the images of being underwater and struggling were vivid. A part of me was panicking and another was intrigue by the underwater view.

Back in my Secondary school days, school provided me an opportunity to learn swimming. I was distracted and didn't appreciated. At the end, I didn't learnt anything out of it. Therefore, I gave up swimming until...

One Sunday, my sister forced me to go swimming with daddy and her. Well.. I haven't been exercising since graduation and on top of being feed and seated all day long in the office, my body isn't in great shape. Uni had just started and I was feeling stress adapting to the course. This resulted me in feeling bloated and discomfort. It got real bad. But... after the swim that very Sunday, I felt so much better about myself. The motivation to lead a more relaxing and healthier lifestyle and to loose all the tummy fats got real! Next thing I know, I started liking swimming more and more. I wanted to make sure I master it! My dad has been swimming regularly and he became friends with some of the lifeguards at our area. Hence, the lifeguards were more than happy to teach me:) 

It hasn't been an easy road for me and with the haze and my typical busy work-student lifestyle going on. Only when my holiday started, when I swam more regularly. I used to feel retarded holding onto the float and swimming from one lap to another. Yknow.. you don't see an adult carrying a float around the pool! With my daddy's constant encouragement, I did it!

Last week, with my daddy's push, I managed to swim 20 laps in the middle of the pool! My first 20 laps and I am so so so proud of myself :) *patonmyback*


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